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Never Alone Again is an organization that was created in 1999 to offer empathetic support for victims of domestic abuse. Motivated by personal experience and the awareness of a need for a safe haven, NAAG was developed. We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing high quality and individually tailored support services to victims and survivors of domestic violence/abuse.
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Never Alone Again Holiday Gift Giving Party.
Was a Huge Success and a Blessing. Thank you again
Phil Stafford Renay Haflin Stafford NJ Food Clothing RescueNelly Herrera Albizu, for blessing these families with gift donations. Renee M Smith-Wilson and Doug Wilson, and Family Measy Conyers Cheryl Hawkins Jayla Harris Santa Christina Rivera and Elves Paul D Nickels Michele Bowman Dana Clark Kasana Akridge Kathy Sermon Mhs  Renee & Madison Byers Fort Lee Orthodontics, Mihir Shah and Family,Brenda Kay Davis and all names not mentions we thank you . This events would not have been possible Bonnie O'Brien of Transition Professionals for opening the doors to Never Alone Again God Bless you Thank you for your support dedication and support


Please support Never Alone Again for Christmas.

We received request from new families for toys and gifts. 
If you like to donate Christmas cookies, popcorn, candy canes holiday stockings, and stocking stuffers , ornaments to paint, colored paper red and green, Christmas coloring/books, for our holiday events on December 20th and 22nd. Your support is needed and appreciated. If you like to donate thru paypal: paypal.me/neveraloneagain/ or inbox me Thank you and bless you for your support. #isupportnaag

Never Alone Again Vision Board Workshop 12/10/2016  was a Huge Success "Write the Vision make it plain on the tablets" From the adults to the kids sat together cutting and pasting their Dreams, Goals inspirational quotes cut outs from magazines onto their poster boards. I want to say God Bless Angela Santos Gonzalez, Stacey Toro (presenter) and Maricruz Badia for making this a successful event. I also want to thank the NAAG Team Ms. Cheryl Hawkins Measy Conyers Renee M Smith-Wilson and everyone that came out to support.

#IAMThankful #NaaggotVision #ISupportNaag #Visionboardeorshop2016 

WHAT A DAY!!!!!! Today's NAAG (Never Alone Again) Event was a total success!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....to ALL our volunteers! Dana Clark, Sandra Hampton, Tanya Love, Cheryl Hawkins, Sandra Crawford Bradley, Karen, Adrienne, Tammy, Sydney, Savannah, Kasana, Janelle, Dante, Janae', Tyler, Jalen, Paul, Angela Santos Gonzales, Measey Conyers, Paul Nickels,Councilman David Sims and my dear brother/friend ALLLLLL the way from LA Reggie Rock. He was in town, asked what I was doing Saturday and jumped in to support. ♡ Thank you to my hubby Doug Wilson that came just in time to put the tables back in place. Lol Please forgive me if I missed anyone. Thank you to the donors that I know of Michele Bowman, Carol Y. Wilson, Vanessa Thomas, Tiana and lots more that I don't know. God bless your giving. 
To the founder of NAAG Theresa F. Johnston...what can I say about your HUGE HEART???? I'm so proud to be part of your non profit organization of helping women of Domestic Violence and so many others! Your VISION is so big and I see it coming to pass. Today having your clients say they felt pampered and they felt like they were in a restaurant was worth being there.♡ You made a promise to God to dedicate your life to helping others that were in your same situation and decades later you're still committed. I pray God blesses you with the funding you need to bless more women and those in need. Stay focused, stay on your mission. Thank you for sharing your gifts in more ways than one.....— feeling thankful.  #ISupportNaag
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New Englewood Food Pantry Shiloh A.M.E Zion Church Assisting families in Need. Shiloh's Food Pantry has Blessed many families in the community and to many of our clients at Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization,Theresa Johnston, CEO.
Thank you Ms. E. Adams, Ms. Janie Wright, Mr. Frederick L. Johnson Rev. Givens, Mr. Carter Jackson and Mr. DeQuincy Elmore and All the Committee members at Shiloh and congregation.  Thank you Daniel Munoz for writing article in suburbanite. The Shiloh Food Pantry has Blessed many of our families today with a Turkey and trimmings for thanksgiving dinner. We will continue to get the word out! To be a Blessing to many.  Register every 3rd Thursday of each month at 201-289-1718. 

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Please  Take A Stand against ‪#‎DV‬ by participating in a moment of silence on Oct. 1st at 11a ET / 10a CT / 9a MT / 8a PT ‪#‎standwithncadv‬ #isupportnaag