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Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization & Resource Center​

                                                                a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization            

Thanks for visiting!

Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization &

 Resource Center

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in 1999 to offer empathetic support for victims of domestic abuse. Motivated by personal experience and the awareness of a need for a safe haven, NAAG was developed. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and individually tailored support services to victims and survivors of domestic violence/abuse.

Making a Difference in Our Community

We provide workshops, resources, services, and support

to women and families in need.

NEED HELP or know someone who needs help?

Call Us Today 201-289-1718

Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization Founder Theresa F. Johnston was recognized for Civic & Humanitarian Covid Champions from our community.

The Bergen County Commission on the Status of Women has nominated COVID Champions from our community.

Today, we mark the two-year anniversary of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Bergen County. It has been an arduous two years for all of us; however, it is often said that the worst of times bring out the best in people. The Bergen County Commission on the Status of Women has nominated COVID Champions from our community who have demonstrated extraordinary actions throughout the pandemic. These individuals are just an example of the hundreds of emergency and frontline workers, teachers, caregivers and business owners who selflessly served our county and our community during the past two years. As we begin Women’s History month, these individuals embody the 2022 theme of “Providing Healing and Promoting Hope” and hope you join us in recognizing them.


2022 Summer Program Registration is CLOSED

Registration for the 2022 Summer Program has been closed because we have reached the maximum number of registrations for the event. Thank you for your interest!

Never Alone Again Resource Center has partnered with St. Paul Lutheran Church Ridgefield, NJ, and will be hosting a FREE Summer Program at the St Paul Lutheran Church 941 Slocum Avenue Ridgefield, NJ location. Free Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks will be served. This summer program will host fun activities, learning, reading & creative writing workshops, music workshops, yoga & meditation, and other events for your child in a safe environment with caring staff. 

Please donate to our Summer Food Drive Today!

A Safe Haven Saves Lives!


Emergency Housing/Emergency Shelter

We are in need of your help with the construction & renovation.

There is an immediate need for housing for Domestic Violence Victims and families in crisis. Typical resources are limited. Spousal abuse is an epidemic of its own during this worldwide pandemic and we have been called to help those in our community who need us the most. We receive phone calls every day requesting a safe haven/safe place for women & their children who have nowhere else to go, often becoming homeless and alone. 

When need your help TODAY!

Would you consider making a donation today to help us with our mission to build a safe and decent place for vulnerable families?

Theres' A Place for Us is safe haven for women and their children who have had to escape a terrible situation and leave the lives they’d known behind them. 

There's A Place for Us should feel like home. It’s a safe place where t children can play with their siblings, and having a bed to sleep in at night in a safe abuse-free space is the key to starting that next step in life, making what may have been a traumatic past into a new success story.  There's A Place for Us is that place. 

We need your help!

We are looking for volunteers & corporate partners to sponsor the work and provide volunteers to help us build a safe abuse-free environment to house families in crisis.

Not only will you see where your funds are going.  It will allow our partners to make a tangible impact and see all the good work they’re doing making sure Theres' A Place for Us renovated to feel like new. 

Can we count on your support?

Can we count on your donation?

Click the following link

Click here to donate.

2022 "HEEL MY SOLE" 


2022 "Heel My Sole" 

Prom Dress Project ​Registration 

We're back with our 2022 Heel My Sole Prom Dress Project Free Prom Gown Giveaway. Over the past two years, we have given away over 2,000 New prom gowns & dresses donated from Macy’s (GSP Paramus & Paramus Park Mall) to high school and junior high school girls with financial needs. Our goal is to ensure that all girls, regardless of income status, can enjoy this right of passage and not sit out due to the typically high expense. 





Never Alone Again Resource Center will be hosting a Birthday Party for kids in the community. As we see prices of food, gas, rent increases & there are so many families unable to have a birthday party celebration or give a gift to their child/children because of financial reasons or crisis.

Never Alone Again Resource Center

will be Hosting A Community Birthday Party for Kids 

Ages 1 year to 12 years old.

Sunday, May 15, 2022 -1:30pm to 3:30pm

Location announced once registered

Register at the below link

To Volunteer or Donate: 

21 Bergen County 

Rhona Vega "Parent Matterz" 

NJ PBS - 21 Bergen County

When Rhona Vega moved to Bergen County as a single mom, she hoped all future opportunities for her kids and others would be equal. They were not, so she established “Parent Matterz”—an organization that nurtures students' dreams and ambitions and helps parents prepare for college with tutors, enrichment programs, mentors, and more.

Thank you Rhona & NJ PBS for allowing Never Alone Again Resource Center Community Outreach Project to be part of this segment. 

Never Alone Again 2022 Fall Community 

Baby Shower Event 

Baby Shower Project

If you are in need of help with our baby shower project register on this link

Never Alone Again hosted a Successful Free Community Baby Shower Project on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at

 St Paul's Lutheran Church Ridgefield, NJ. 

Baby, Baby Oh BABYSHOWER! We’re about to have a Community Babyshower for moms to be & moms with children ages 1year to 12months to help with the basic baby items & clothing at St Paul Lutheran Church Ridgefield, NJ Patt Kauffman hosted by Never Alone Again Resource Center & Theres’A Closet for Us The room was transformed to host a Babyshower event providing gift bags donated by the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey filled with pampers, wipes and other items for our guests. Other items donated are baby strollers, bassinets, bouncy chairs, baby blankets, towels, toiletries, stuffed animals, toys, first aid kits, and more. Kadria March of Post & Claims did a Speed Dating with Doulas presentation at the Community Babyshower. Delicious Menu & Desserts was provided. Thank you to all the volunteers & NAAG Team you did an excellent job! We will continue to serve and be a blessing to families in the community. You are Not Alone at Never Alone Again Resource Center.


The Community Baby Shower Project is geared towards pregnant, soon to be mothers and mothers with infants and babies up to 12 months who don't have the means to provide necessities for their infant/ babies through this project we host a Free Baby Shower, provide much-needed supplies for the mom & baby including diapers, baby clothes, baby Toiletries & gift for mom. ​

Never Alone Again Baby Shower Project is meant to help single mothers throughout the transition of having a baby and provide support for the first few months during their time of need. 

to register/donate to our Fall 2022 Community Baby Shower Project 

Never Alone Again Resource Center  

Community Baby Shower Project Event 

(Location details after registration)

to register for our next Baby Shower Project or to receive baby items and sign up for this event, please 

click this link.

or Email: [email protected]

You are welcome to visit our Amazon Baby Shower Wish List to donate to this ongoing project.

Thank you.


Never Alone Again Community Outreach

 Food, Clothing, Pampers, Wipes, Formula, and more Distribution

click here to register for our ​food pantries

Every Saturday at 11 AM until everything runs out!

Please Note inclement weather(Rain, Snow, 16 degrees temp)

 We DO NOT Accept Clothing Donations on Saturdays!


Hot Meals to Go Curbside pickup 





Volunteer Form Request



We are in need of monetary donations to help continue our community outreach projects, programs & services 

 Never Alone Again Resource Center.

Thank you in advance for your support! 




PAYPAY:[email protected]


Never Alone Again Resource Center Community Outreach 

Food, Clothing, Pampers, Formula Distribution Project

Every Saturday at 11 AM until everything goes

Baby Pampers & Formula Available

How YOU can HELP!

 Urgent need of monetary funds

& grocery gift cards

While we have always welcomed & relied on

food donations from the community,

MONETARY GIFTS enable us to

buy large quantities of the items we need most.

Please indicate the value of

the gift card & mail to:

Never Alone Again Resource Center

668 American Legion Drive # 5

Teaneck, NJ 07666




PAYPAY:[email protected]


If you are interested in DONATING


[email protected]

amazon wish list


MAIL a CHECK payable to:

Never Alone Again DV Org

668 American Legion Drive #5

Teaneck, NJ 07666



Visit our Amazon Wishlist

for items you can purchase for us online

It’s a Blessing to be a Blessing

in this time where families are in great need during this pandemic shutdown.

Never Alone Again Resource Center every day provides food, kid's activities, food snack packs, birthday party kit with gifts, and Baby Shower Gifts for the new mom-to-be. 

We are so thankful for your donations. Please know that we give it all back to the community.

Thank you, VILMA, for delivery to food to families. You are such a blessing to NAAG.

The Bergen County Department of Human Services 


Theresa F. Johnston, Founder of Never Alone Again

recipient of the prestigious Dr. Celia Weisman Memorial Award

The Bergen County Department of Human Services congratulates Theresa F. Johnston as the recipient of the prestigious Dr. Celia Weisman Memorial Award for excellence in the field of human services. Ms. Johnston is the founder and CEO of Never Alone Again, an organization offering support for victims of domestic violence. Motivated by her own experiences, NAAG’s goal is to end the generational cycle of abuse by providing a safe space, and a wide array of support services. For more information, click on Never Alone Again.

(Theresa F. Johnston seen here on the right with Bergen County Deputy Director of Human Services, Natalie Cureton.)

About the Award

Dr. Celia Weisman Memorial Award! Dr. Weisman was a community leader committed to helping older adults, and this annual award honors an individual or organization making significant contributions to Bergen County residents in the field of human services.

Dr. Weisman was widely known for her work as an educator, community leader, advocate, and volunteer. She strove to enhance lives while advocating for opportunities for older adults to continue as productive members of society. although the award was originally bestowed upon people for their work in the field of geriatrics, the Human Services Advisory Council updated the criteria to recognize nominees who encourage self-sufficiency in others while promoting a life of dignity, independence, and choice. 

Register for Kids Clothing

Comments from Families NAAG has helped.

When a family calls in need of emergency immediate HELP of household items, toiletries, kids clothing, pampers, formula, bedding, towels, washcloth, cleaning supplies, Food, lamps, tv(if we have available) @neveraloneagainresource We are here to treat you with dignity and respect. #helpingfamilies We are here to be a blessing. Thank you to everyone that donated and supported us to help our families in need. 

Thank You Never Alone Again Resource Center you gave us so much nice stuff.  We loved the clothes and shoes for the kids.  We all have new blankets. We are so thankful for helping our family.  

K. Family

Hello Theresa, I just wanted to express to you my sincere thanks as you have helped my family in more ways than ever. This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone, but that doesn't stop you from going out of your way to help families in need.  You are an amazing person and I will forever be grateful to you and your organization.

A. Family

Never Alone Again has helped me and my family.  We had lost everything and had to start over.  Because of your agency you have helped us with everything from food, clothing, toiletries, bedding and more.  We cannot thank you enough.  Please let everyone know that donated that our family is blessed to have an organization that helps called Never Alone Again.

Thompson & Family

What a Blessing on Blessing!!! Never Alone Again Resource Center Community Food Outreach Distribution Project Saturday, July 24th, 2021. Thank you to Fastbolt Corporation, South Hackensack, NJ. Glenn, Fath Gee, and staff, and all the wonderful volunteers that donated, sorted, and bag food from Fast Bolt Corporation. This amazing company hosted a food drive for Never Alone Again Resource Center drove up in a van with donated pallets of cereal, boxes of Mac and cheese, can goods, and more to feed our families in need at our Community Outreach Distribution Project. We thought we would have leftovers. Over 110 families receive bags of food on Saturday. What a Blessing to the community and to our families in need.

Thank you Fastbolt Corporation

Together we can make a difference!

Members of the Juneteenth committee presented Theresa Johnston with the MLK Birthday and Juneteenth committees Community Service Award. Thank you for all you do, Theresa, to make the world a better place!


The Bergen County Clerk acknowledges Theresa F. Johnston in recognition of the Honor Bestowed Upon you at the Juneteenth Festival NAACP, Community Service

So Thankful to serve and be a blessing in the community and the lives of many.

QUARAN-TEA with Natalie B. McKenzie

Click here to watch!

Theresa F. Johnston was interviewed on Episode #130 October 19, 2020 on

“Quaran-Tea with Natalie B. McKenzie”.  COVID-19 has created a new class of people in our society, from underemployed and newly unemployed due to the unprecedented increase in unemployment. "Quaran-Tea" was created to virtually shine a light on organizations and individuals that are helping those in need through this pandemic.