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Who We Are . . .

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Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization & Resource Center

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

that was created in 1999 to offer empathetic support for victims of domestic abuse.

Motivated by personal experience and the awareness of a need for a safe haven,

NAAG was developed. We are dedicated to providing high quality and individually tailored support services to victims and survivors of domestic violence/abuse.

Our Vision

Many do not know that they are being abused because of lack of education about

what abuse is. They continue the cycle generation after generation. We are here to stop the cycle of abuse and create an abuse-free environment. It is a process and

you have to make the first step to say:



Never Alone Again

is here to help you with that step...

The mission of Never Alone Again is to help individuals eliminate the abuse from their lives, build upon their strengths, and become self-sufficient.

Cheers To Harlem

hosted by Ms. Nancy Jones

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month I took the opportunity to interview

Theresa Johnston, Founder,

Never Alone Again Domestic Violence Organization with member and domestic violence survivor Delphinia Howard

Theresa F. Johnston

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